Our four-year research is intended to result in new content development of teaching methods and their implementation in practice. Our aim is to develop open – with active teacher/student contribution – content and to apply those contents in practice. Due to the complex nature of the subject, the new kind of electronic materials and contents will be developed and piloted in a vast scope of vocational training, namely in the fields of mechanical engineering, information technology, engineering and economics. The efficiency monitoring and the summary of the research results are to be evaluated in connection with the school subjects of the secondary vocational training.

During the research and development, the creative involvement of the vocational partner institutions and their teachers is a priority in the first phase of the project (2016-2018) in the four assigned and engaged vocational schools. After the first piloted part, in the second phase the preparations for extending the project among a wider circle of specific vocational schools are to be made, ensuring that an innovative methodological network of 10-12 institutions will be formed in which the teacher-student-centred interactive open content development and its effects are to be analysed and evaluated in practice. Based on our findings, recommendations for wider vocational piloting and the consideration of the research results in vocational teacher training will be made.